Thursday, April 11, 2013

NaPoWriMo 9- A train from Ljubljana

The basin retreats
with its bare trees, foliage and tracks.
A dark green mouth
opens and consumes us,
a metal snake
willfully entering the belly of
the beast.

We have been consumed,
surrounded, with no escape in sight.
no one notices
or cares for that matter
for the deep, plushy innards
pulse silently with a welcoming love.
A foreboding welcome
that rejects and embraces.

A doe looks up.
I see my whole life,
building a home, a family, dying
here. Or
just dying here
of hunger.

No matter, I've no plans to stay,
there's water ahead.
The forest, disappointed
that her dance of enticement failed,
abandons us, to fend for ourselves,
the fierce Adriatic.

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