Thursday, April 11, 2013

NaPoWriMo 1 Trieste

okay! I finally decided I should transcribe these to a blog, since I have a virtually unused one. :D That will keep my motivated! whooot!!


As I crawl along the veins
of your heart,
your salty breathe
chills me, awakens me.

You tell me to take seriously
the chasms of the soul here, which
run deeper and longer than
the canyons of Austrio-Hungarian concrete.

The decadence
disguised as beauty, is not
something to be taken

I almost believe you.
Then I climb high above,
look down the mountain, through the valley.

Your womb, tortured by man
but not ruined.
No. Life is still abundant.
The wounds inflicted
by the ungrateful
or the ignorant,
pale beneath blinding rays of your elegance.

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