Saturday, April 13, 2013

NaPoWriMo 13 The Sun Has Been Gone

Your sunrise
illuminated my setting sun.
The dawning of a new age.

Worlds opened up for me
I didn't know existed.

The ice age melted.
New life sprung.
Nothing would ever be the same.

Cruelty forced you to leave,
but for only a time.

When your sun shone
again upon my soul
it was from a new world.

A different world.
A new sensation.
My old tricks and
ways of being
didn't work anymore.

Your rays illuminate
with a different glow.
I don't know how to fake it.
You cast upon a new me.

Your early morning warmth
startles the newborn.
The baby cries.
You don't know how to console it.

There's a new generation.
Will you know how to calm it?

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