Monday, November 4, 2013

Dia De los Muertos? (working title)

How do I reconcile
these bitter
feelings, of
being robbed
of something so dear
and necessary to my
vital signs,
physical, emotional?

With the power
of the cosmos who
only gave me life,
on one, unnegotiable, condition:
That I had to give it back.

There can only be Life
if there is Death.
The black mares must ride at last.
I don't know why
I only know it must be.

It isn't fair,
even if it is the only way.
I want more time.
Not for me,
but to be with those
who've ridden off,
kept their promise.

I'm selfish.
I want them back
for me.
Then after awhile
maybe the black mares
can take us away.

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